Always get an idea for what kind of Hairstyle you want before you go to the salon. A stylist always likes to see visuals. That can be very helpful. Keep in mind that you may not have enough hair for some updos. Its good to have a couple ideas in mind. If you do want a fuller, thicker looking up do you can always add clip in hair extensions.

Unwashed hair makes for a much better updo! Hairstylist love dirty hair! So please don’t wash it ½ days before you get an updo! Wear a shower cap when showering in the morning of or even the night before. Hair is easier to work with and will hold a curl much longer. An added bonus; it gives you more shine!

It’s highly recommended that you get a trial up do a few weeks before your event. That will assure you that both you and your stylist have the same vision for your style. It will also help you be more prepared if you need any hair jewels or a veil or hair extensions. You will feel much more confident knowing exactly how your hair will look for your special day It is important to communicate to your stylist any questions or concerns you may have about your up-do during the trial. Your stylist wants you to leave the salon looking beautiful and feeling extremely satisfied with your look. Note: Please be sure to wear a button down or zip up shirt the day of your up-do so your hair will remain perfectly intact.