Organic Color Systems


A unique and greener way of COLORING

The science behind our products


Organic Color Systems (OCS) is exactly that, a ‘System.’ This range of high performance, professional salon products, have been designed to work harmoniously with one another to give you outstanding results in the most natural way possible, without damage to the hair and without the chemical odor often associated with other color brands.

This dermatologically tested and patented permanent hair color formula contains the lowest possible levels of oxidative pigment (PPD/PTD) and is packed full of high grade, natural and certified organic ingredients, which nourish and strengthen the hair during coloring. Uniquely, the permanent color works at a lower level pH than traditional chemical colors, meaning that there is no damage to the hair. 

OCS is supported by a class-leading range of hair care products, which enables you to repair and restore the health of your hair before you even begin to color. It then re-balances and completely closes the cuticle of the hair after coloring. This keeps color locked in and gives the hair beautiful radiant shine. The ‘System’ is rounded off with a complete range of non-aerosol styling products, also utilizing natural and certified organic ingredients to protect the scalp and give a natural looking hold and a beautiful finish.

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System features & Benefits

  • 95% naturally derived and 60% certified organic ingredients.
  • 64x inter-mixable permanent and demi-permanent shades.
  • 12x PPD & PTD free semi-permanent shades.
  • Dermatologically tested and patented permanent hair color formula.
  • Vegan friendly color, care and styling products.
  • Designed to work harmoniously with the biology and structure of the hair.
  • Free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, gluten and GMO ingredients.
  • Non-aerosol styling range.
  • Cruelty-free.


CORE values


These values are at the center of who OCS is and does. They represent the attitude, decisions, actions and set the rules by which they conduct their business. They are a brand represented by people, a conscientious and passionate group of human beings who care about other human beings, animals and our planet, and who believe in doing things the right way.

They believe…

  • Animals should not have to suffer for beauty
  • In maintaining the highest quality and safety standards
  • In making products that are an alternative for regular color
  • In making products responsibly

OCS is extremely proud to be internationally recognized by animal welfare organizations Choose Cruelty Free and PETA, and OCS supports causes which seek to abolish animal testing across the world.



The quality, performance and safety of the products is crucial, which is why they have strict processes in place to ensure that when you receive your Organic Color Systems products, they are of the first-class standard that you would expect.

Being a British manufacturer, they are required to adhere to some of the most stringent quality and safety standards in the world. They manufacture their own products at their own facilities which means they have tighter control methods from the moment their ingredients are sourced, right through to when their products are packaged and sent to us.

As a manufacturer, they have a responsibility to help protect the environment in which we live and minimize any negative impact their activities may have. They take proactive steps to ensure that from the earth to salon, that they make and distribute their products responsibly.

To do this, they use efficient manufacturing methods, reduce waste and energy consumption, while also recycling as much as they can. They source their ingredients responsibly from reputable suppliers who make the welfare of their staff and environmental sustainability a priority. They use recycled packaging where possible and ensure that all their packaging is fully recyclable. They also formulate their products so that they are biodegradable and can be safely washed down the sink.