The time has come for blondes to rejoice, finally, a product that lightens hair without damaging the integrity of the hair.

We’ve all been there, “I just want to be a little lighter”, and boom- breakage. Bleach can cause damage due to the chemicals used to lighten hair. And we’re tired, tired of masks, treatments and additives. We want to fix the problem at the root, literally. It’s about time that changed. Our new line of bleach and developer contains three main ingredients to send blondes into hair Heaven. This unique product contains keratin to strengthen & restore damaged hair, collagen to enhance softness & shine, and silk protein to improve moisture balance. It’s designed to lighten and brighten, while IMPROVING the integrity of the hair. The technology behind it fills the empty spaces in the cuticle with keratin, reducing porosity, protecting against chemical breakage and leaves the hair shiny and healthy.

Lindsey’s Hair Back:

Pink dye on ends, natural root.

Lindsey’s Hair Sides


I have always wanted to be platinum. However, we as blondes know that platinum = damage, a compromise I was never really willing to take. I decided to give our new developer and bleach a shot, a leap of faith from the cliffs of bronze into the world of ash. We started the application and within minutes, my rose gold blonde was stripped of it’s underlying tones. The first trial of truth was the elasticity test. We left the bleach on for a processing time of 30 minutes. For every 5-10 minutes of processing time, Emily took a small section of hair, holding the shaft and pulling at the end.To our amazement, not a single strand broke. After shampooing, toning the blonde to the desired color and finishing with a conditioner, my hair felt stronger and retained moisture.

Once blow dried, my hair felt thicker and had more volume. Where is the damage!? I ran my fingers through the silky, soft strands attempting to convince myself that this is my hair. I expected to feel a crunch or  hear a snap, as my hair previously did before. But there was none to be seen or heard A blonde’s dream on true; non compromised hair and the color I wanted.  I would absolutely recommend for any blonde to try our new developer and bleach, It’s A Blonde Thing. Not only do I love my results, but I love my hair and that, is something no blonde should ever have to compromise on.