The time has come for blondes to rejoice, finally, a product that lightens hair without damaging the integrity of it!

We’ve all been there, “I just want to be a little lighter”, and boom- breakage. Bleach can cause damage due to the chemicals used to lighten hair. And we’re tired, tired of masks, treatments and additives. We want to fix the problem at the root, literally. It’s about time that changed. Our new line of bleach and developer contains three main ingredients to send blondes into hair heaven. This unique product contains keratin to strengthen and restore damaged hair, collagen to enhance softness and shine, and silk protein to improve moisture balance. It’s designed to lighten and brighten, while IMPROVING the integrity of the hair. The technology behind it fills the empty spaces in the cuticle with keratin, reducing porosity, protecting against chemical breakage and leaves the hair shiny and healthy.

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